Alana Collins Team Member

"I've been with Jill of All Trades for a little over a year.  The team is amazing!  Cleaning is very

 therapeutic and relaxing.  I enjoy making other lives a little more pleasant."

Janet Crosby Team Member/Owner's Momma!

Janet is from Texas and has been in New Orleans since 1996.  She is the wife of a pastor, mother of three, grandmother of 8, and one of 9 siblings.  She does ironing, manages all supplies/equipment, keeps her grandsons, and keeps the owner SANE (and she taught me everything I know)!  :)  Gotta love the mommas that keep us together.

Rebekah Crosby

Rebekah is from Texas.  She has a BA in English & Psychology and is a certified Secondary Education English teacher.  She has lived in New York, Chicago, and all over Texas.  She moved to New Orleans in 1996 and shortly thereafter backpacked for two months through Europe. She previously owned a real estate brokerage firm and managed and owned rental property.  She has been a manager for a cafe, a realtor, an administrative assistant, a landscaper, a nanny and a teacher...literally a "Jill of all Trades."  She started the company in 2008 after cleaning only on the weekends and then realized it was her passion.  She is an alumnus of Goldman-Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses.  She is a member of ING Networking Group, East Jefferson Business Association, and the Jefferson Chamber of Commerce.  She attends First Baptist Church of New Orleans where her dad is the Senior Pastor.  She lives in Metairie and has two sons.